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Popular/Recommended Car Hire Insurance: Smarter Alternatives

UPDATE: Please note that two of our previously recommended providers, Insurance4CarHire and iCarHireInsurance, have unfortunately... 

Car Rental Insurance USA: Guide to CDW & SLI

UPDATE: Great news! We have uncovered one insurer for Aussies renting in the USA – see below. (Previously recommended CDW/SLI... 

Private Car Rentals: Drive Your Neighbour’s Porsche

Fancy an alternative way to renting that will give you access to a whole new world of choice? Hiring a car can be pretty ho-hum with... 

Understanding Car Hire Insurance
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Many unhappy car rental stories stem from customers not realizing what they were protected for (the car rental companies don’t exactly make it easy), and end up having to pay for damages they didn’t think they had to.

So first things first – what do all those car hire insurance acronyms and confusing lingo mean? Understanding what you are getting …

Driving In Australia: Road Rules
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Australia is a developed country with roads that are well-signed, well-paved and easy to navigate. The driving rules across the eight states are essentially similar, with Melbourne having an extra few.

Driving Etiquette and Rules

  • Left-hand drive
  • Seat belts and child restraints must be worn by ALL passengers
  • Overcrowding is illegal. Everyone has to be properly seated so sedans would
Where You Can & Can’t Drive Hire Cars
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There is a saying in Australia, when you hit a dirt road that it is made for 4WD’s or hire cars. Of course it is said in jest.  Hire companies, with their 20 plus pages of terms and conditions combined with prominently displayed penalties are rightly a tad scary.

Most people therefore instinctively know that you cannot take your normal …